Project Description

Wildlife Park

In Spormaggiore you can try the unique experience of meeting the brown bear! In fact, the beautiful Wildlife Park is the home of some examples of brown bear, which here find living conditions close to natural ones. In the area you will also see some specimens of wolves, one of the largest indigenous carnivores of the Alps and you will know the local flora thanks to the presence of large plants such as beech, spruce and larches.
Recently, also in a beautiful aviary of about 30 square meters, four specimens of eagle owl have been inserted, and, in an enclosure dedicated to him enriched with recreational-play facilities, a specimen of wildcat.

Furthermore, during the summer of 2013, the park was expanded with the addition of lynx and fox specimens; all species of animals are placed in large enclosures enriched by natural structures such as rocks, trees, streams, ponds and more. The Park is completed by a farm with pets, a food / gadget point, an alpine lake, a playground for the enjoyment of children and a video room, with about 20 seats, which allows the viewing of documentaries of the Natural Park Adamello Brenta and brown bear.